Monday, March 4, 2013

Daily Fix: Bathroom Shelf Redo

     Well, today was one of those days...  The kind where I get nothing at all done.  No dishes.  No laundry.  No sweeping.  And certainly no progress on the remodel!  I guess the day actually started last night, when Princess Peanut wouldn't go to sleep until 2.  And then this morning she woke up early, so I was already in 'mombie' mode.   We spent the morning bouncing around a few thrift stores, and by the time we got back home the lack of sleep must have caught up with her.  She spent the afternoon sleeping and lounging on my lap (because she won't stay asleep if I put her down).

     So by the time this evening rolled around I was feeling pretty unproductive.  I needed a tiny dose of DIY!  So here's a quick little project.

     Here is one of this morning's finds.  It's ugly and broken, and I had no idea what to do with it... but for fifty cents I figured I could find something!  I know.  I'm terrible that way.

     I took the door off (to be used for another simple project)

I was trying to get a crackle finish using a tip I'd read where you apply modpodge first, then your paint, but it didn't work.   It did, however, cause the paint to chip in places.  And I like the 'chippy' look almost as much!  Guess I'll save crackling to figure out another day.

Here it is, all bedecked and hanging in its new home!  Someday I'll get my bathroom walls fixed.  But that will have to wait until my Hubby has time to help with the Princess.  I can't have her in there while I scrape that old paint.

 Some random pretties.

 The way the pearls drape just makes me happy :)

     So there it is!  My home is just a little bit lovelier tonight.

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  1. Cute shelf project and very practical. I am having one of those days just browsing when I should be doing something productive. But then I would have missed this cute shelf!


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